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Re: New camera

Cannot comment on the lens lineup (which might be a valid concern) but from a camera format PoV, my thoughts are:

- In terms of quality, there is minimal difference between the FX and DX formats. If you HAVE TO HAVE the ultimate in IQ, then perhaps paying a premium for FX might be justifiable, but in practical terms, DX IQ is good enough for almost everything

- While many manufacturers jumped (and others are jumping) into the FX wagon, some others are not. Fuji is the most notable of  them. They have DX (APS-C) and Medium Format and skipped FX altogether.

- My understanding (of the rumours floating around) is that Nikon will release its own DX mirrorless cameras soon. I dont think DX is going away anytime soon

- The D7500 (and 7200 and 7100) are a great series of cameras and you would not short-change yourself if you go down that route


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