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Re: G7X Mark III vs Smartphone

siberstorm27 wrote:

Cameras are still better, but only 1" and higher. Night mode on phones is overrated. You can only do so much with processing and image stacking. I am still trying to find a smartphone significantly better than my two year old galaxy note 8. Neither the pixel 3 nor p30 pro impress me. The only time I feel like upgrading to a newer phone is when I hit a high contrast scene that requires advanced HDR my older phone lacks. Otherwise, smartphone cameras have barely improved in the last two years.

1. Resolution. Dedicated cameras are 20mp and up. You at most get 12mp from a smartphone. The p30 pro only saves 10mp and they are oversharpened to hell and back to mask the low resolution. The 40mp is a marketing gimmick. So are the 48mp ones. The latter in particular appear on cheaper Chinese phones. They all use "quad bayer" meaning they clump four pixels together for a single color. The effective resolution is really only a quarter of the listed mp. Resolution may not be everything, but if you are zooming and cropping, it makes a huge difference.

2. Optics. Better lenses need space. That's why thin pancake lenses and kit zooms are often not very sharp and rather distorted and flare a lot and have weird fringing colors. The good ones are huge and heavy and expensive. Smartphone lenses are usually made of plastic (most elements anyway) and aren't very sharp and have heavy distortion and softness in the corners and edges. If you take a group photo you will notice how skewed looking and blurry some people's faces are at the far left or right.

3. Image stabilization. It's actually a very big deal for both low light and for good video without a stupid gimbal or tripod. Canon has really good stabilization because their camera bodies are bigger. Smartphones usually have a limited amount or completely none at all like the zenfone 6 and most midrange phones. You can shoot at lower shutter speeds and get results matching much bigger cameras that don't have stabilization without upping the noise. A lot of my night shots get ruined because my hands are shaky when holding the phone or tapping the screen. A bigger camera body (not TOO big) with more weight really cuts down the shakiness. For video, most phones utilize heavy software stabilization that crops the video, creates stuttering during fast pans, causes jello effect at the edges, degrades image quality, looks unnatural, and in low light causes a double image jitter that can be almost unusable (huawei phones in particular). My note 8 has pretty good optical stabilization and I have the software stabilization completely disabled.

4. Noise. Bigger sensors in dedicated cameras can handle higher iso levels with less noise for low light shots. Smartphones are really smart in that they can stack multiple shots to reduce noise. But there is a limit. You can't create something from nothing. Processing can only go so far. Some dedicated cameras have this too but it's really crude and slow.

5. Zoom. You can go from 3x all the way up to 125x if you don't mind the size. A good compact like the g5x ii can go 5x while still maintaining a wide aperture and pocketability. Smartphones can't zoom (not counting that one old samsung) . They have telephoto lenses, some reaching up to 5x, but the quality is really poor and the sensor is even tinier than the main camera. If you want 4x or 6x, you will be cropping from either the main or telephoto camera. There is no real zoom lens to move.

6. Miscellaneous. No flippy screen for selfies like dedicated cameras. Front facing cameras are universally bad on phones. A few have rotating cameras (zenfone 6, galaxy a80) but they are very iffy, both image quality and durability of the mechanism. No higher bitrates for video recording. Limited manual controls. No physical controls whatsoever. No shaded viewfinder for bright sunny days or ND filter. All the Pro features like RAW and log profiles, etc.

Wow! Thanks for the valuable insights!

I am also currently using the Note 8 thus am at the crossroads of P30 Pro vs G7X Mark III. But after what you mentioned.....no wonder the video shows P30 photos being quite sharpened....almost HDR-like.

I guess why people is thinking of the P30 Pro was the power of marketing and fake moon shots of the P30 Pro? 

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