G7X Mark III - Disappointed with the autofocus

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Re: G7X Mark III - Disappointed with the autofocus

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Thinking to get the G7X Mark III as well...and wondering how good is the low light quality as well.

i mean focus is important but if focus is accurate...then how does it fair against some of the more popular smartphones, that claims to be able to "see" in the dark nowadays.

Anyone tested or seen a Youtube to share?

I returned mine on Friday due to the autofocus and over heating issues, but during the two weeks I owned it I was very impressed with its image quality (when I was able to achieve focus) especially in low light. That f/1.8 lens is the primary reason I purchased it over the new Sony, unfortunately the focus issues were too much for me to overlook so back it went.

If they could get that autofocus fixed, I’d certainly consider buying another as it’s otherwise a sweet little camera.

oh my, that don't sound good. Which camera did you change it for in the end?

I found a video on Youtube as well that compares against the G7X Mark 3 and the P30 Pro.

Apparently the nightmode and the color is much better for the camera.


Take a look and what do you guys feel about the results? Are they fair and real based on your experiences?

P30 Pro credentials are very overblown. I've owned it. Low light is inferior to compact 1" cameras. Night mode (handheld long exposure) is worse than regular photos. Blurry and overexposed. The only time you might go "wow" is in near pitch black. You can see something compared to the default exposure settings on dedicated cameras. Nothing you would want to share. All images from the p30 pro are super oversharpened, very oversaturated, and noise reduction that is so heavy handed it looks like you put the image through a cartoon filter. And the video stabilization cannot be turned off, so you get this jittery double image in low light that is unusable unless you are perfectly still.

Check out 4:19 here for g7x iii low light


Thanks for the link to the video by Potato Jet.

Seems your findings are similar to the video I've found as well.

I guess P30 is best for Cartoon low light photos? haha

Sadly, the majority of the people do enjoy the oversharpened and oversaturated photos that a P30 usually offers.

Seem a good compact is the way to go for me!

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