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Re: Advice about BIF combination D500

larrywilson wrote:

I think maybe you need another monitor. To my eyes the bif shot is plenty sharp especially for printing. I do print up to 13 X 19 and have printed this image. I would recommend not looking at images on a monitor at 100%. More to a long lens besides sharpness anyway. The Tamron has very good moisture and dust resistance, and handles better then the Nikon and has a very good vc.

Maybe you did not share the original shot here? A 2000x1334 image printed at 13x19? At a pixel density of 105px/inch, where 150 is barely ok and 300+ is what you really want for a sharp print? You would have to be kidding!

I repeat: nothing is really sharp in the image you shared. If you shared a scaled-down version of a sharper shot, what's the point?

Another thing I'll note: one of the Nikon 200-500's strongest points is that it is sharp wide open. You gain almost nothing with that lens by stopping down. Every test of the Tamron G2 I saw reports, and my own testing also indicated, that you'll want to stop it down a bit to get sharper shots, as you did with yours. Stopping down is no issue with the fantastic light you had in this case (you were able to shoot at ISO110, after all), but not in most birding and BIF situations where the light is usually mediocre.

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