Where are the G1X III users

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Re: Where are the G1X III users

I actually just returned mine and am waiting for a refund. I got a grey market one off ebay for $800. I am waiting for a g5x ii to ship to me right now from another seller.

G1x iii ---


Nice build quality

Fun twisty screen that isn't flimsy

Good feeling buttons.

D-pad and control wheel feel solid, unlike rx100va or gr3.

Good touchscreen

Decent but not stellar lens stabilization

Quick autofocus

Very stable (probably because it's big)


Awful image quality. Blurry lens

Not remotely pocketable

Maybe I don't know how to put it on but with strap attached it just keeps flipping upwards facing the sky when hanging on my belly.

Very lacking in video features

Kind of heavy for one handed use

Half press focus is very iffy. Sometimes the lightest touch will work and other times you have to push it all the way.

On/off button unresponsive.

Annoying evf/flash hump.

Weak flash. You know it's weak when you take a picture at night and can't tell if it went off or not.

Obviously the dealbreaker was the very soft lens. I kid you not it was worse than my two year old smartphone. I couldn't believe it was 24mp. My 12mp smartphone took sharper pics. There was less noise on the Canon, but it all looked like one smeary blurry soup.

I took a gamble getting this camera. Thought that after two years, maybe canon had improved quality control or something. NOPE. Almost every review out there said the lens was soft and the sample images they had looked very soft indeed. I should have listened...

Also avoid these other two apsc fixed compacts I've personally owned at one point.

XF10: dpreview isn't lying. The thing is slow and focus is crap. Firmware doesn't fix it. No IBIS. Lens is below average. Video sucks. For the price, just get a g9x ii or g7x ii or even the rx100 m3 instead.

GR3: very overpriced. Chintzy body. Goes thunk when shaken (IBIS mechanism). IBIS near nonexistent. Flimsy buttons and wheel. Overheats just by being on for ten minutes doing nothing. The worst battery life. Very poor video. Very poor autofocus. The ricoh nutjobs will just tell you to use snap focus indefinitely. The only redeeming quality is the sharp lens, which doesn't mean much without good focus. For the price, you can get an rx100va with some extra accessories to make it easier to hold.

My search continues for a pocketable point and shoot better than my phone that doesn't p*ss me off.

G1x iii



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