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Re: Olympus market share

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Eric Nepean wrote:

Keep in mind that Olympus's M43 market share is sgnificantly bigger than Panasonic's.

Are we sure that this is right Eric?

Pansonic has released 18 new camera bodies over the last three years so far (including 3x L-Mount bodies) compared to Olympus’ 5 new bodies.

They must be selling an awful lot of E-M1ii bodies to have more current market share than Panasonic - even if you hive off L-Mount.

Good Comment, Tom.

On top of this we have Olympus restructuring is manufacturing.

I'm pretty sure this was true about 2 years ago, and in the years preceeding that. I'm pretty sure I've seen data that showed that Panasonic had a share of the ILC market that less than one half that of Olympus (since in that period they weree both only in the M43 ILC market, that translates to Panasonic having less than 1/3 of the M43 market)

Before posting I tried to find some current data but was unable to do so.

Even with the same failure rate, you should see at least twice as many failure reports from Olympus owners.

The complaint rate overall is quite low.

The biggest issue is that Panasonic customer service for spare parts and repairs varies from acceptable to just plain awful, depending on where you live; whereas Olympus's customer service is generally pretty good.

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