Olympus reliability?

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Ok the reason i bought it up was because i got a s/h hand Em 5/ on Friday last , it only had.a 300 shutter count, got him it home played about for a few hours and it developed a fault . I have taken it back in for repair rather than get a refund because , in my opinion , I should get back a camera that has its faults ironed out for half the price of a new model, l hope. Still it makes me wonder about their reliability

I think that you are right to do this.

I have not heard much about issues with the E-M5 but the EM-1 seems to be well known for its issues with faulty wheels, evf sunburn and strap lugs that pulled out of the camera body - not much else goes wrong as far as my experience and the mentions on the forum have indicated.

I put this down to some sort of QC issue caused by the need to get product on to the market in a hurry after their known financial issues.  In any case the problems seem to have quietened after a while - I presume that later made may have had the bugs sorted out.

Their lenses on the other hand seem to be ultra reliable.  Panasonic’s also except the 100-400 seems to have had some issues.  Possibly because this “made for adventurous use in open air” lens gets some adventurous use in open air.

Panasonic camera bodies all seem to be quite rugged and reliable - with the caveat that all camera bodies can play up if they lead a rugged life.

Quixotically Olympus gets quite a lot of praise for its repair centres whilst Panasonic whose gear might be more reliable over all gets a lower rating.  Maybe that in itself says something.  I personally prefer gear that does not really need warranty support no matter how good that support might be.

I don’t have an E-M5 myself but from the chat on this site those that do own that camera body seem to be very happy with them.

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