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JakeJY wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

You say...."Of course you can win against a automatic bidding program"..... but only as long as you are willing to bid the highest possible price.

Just keep bidding, and bid a lot. You surely will win. Then congratulate yourself for "winning" something, even though you could end up paying more for it than simply buying it from Amazon or KEH.

But that isn't the goal of most ebay shoppers. They want to buy something at a very good price, and when you are bidding against a machine that can advance a bid in a fraction of a second, then you are bound for failure and frustration.

Unless of course, you are willing to bid very high, which might be true for you. But if you like doing that, then go for it.

I will continue to shop the buy it now offers. You know, the ones where the seller has to price things slightly lower than Amazon to make a sale. And where I don't have to compete against an autobot.

Different strokes for different folks.

I don't think you quite understand how automatic bidding works. The max price the automatic bid goes up to is the max bid the person set.

Say for example you are willing to pay $100 for an item and set your bid. Another person is willing to pay $90 and set their bid as the automatic bid.

Even if the person is using an auto bid program (as I point out in fact however, Ebay has it built in), you will still win the auction with the automatic bid paying $91 (saving you $9). The only difference is say for example, you offer $80, the auto bid will have the other person win for $81, saving the other person $9.

There isn't a machine magic happening behind the scene where you are bound to failure and frustration. In the end the person with the true max bid still wins.

The traditional bidding method actually is what drives up prices because you become emotionally involved and pushed to just offer a little bit more beyond what you were willing to pay.

I once owned a Photo PORTRAIT STUDIO (Boudoir portraits).

I used to weekly go to all the local auctions to get props for my studio, and specifically "romantic" things for my "boudoir" portraits (often nude).

I of course used to go in ahead of time to make a mental note of "max" I was later willing to pay ...

Once I went in and saw a BEAUTIFUL (6'-mirrored) armoire and matching (triple-mirror)make-up table.  The combination looked so nice that immediately assumed the price would be up around $5000+ so ignored it.

During the auction I was talking with another person and did not even notice the armoire was on-bid until I eventually heard "Going Once -- Going Twice for $110".  Luckily I did hear it and immediately responded w/ $120, and GOT IT.  Then I got the (matching) triple-mirror dressing table for $140.

I was SO EXCITED at getting them I immediately ran over to more-carefully examine them ... and DID NOT HEAR until "Going once, twice, SOLD for a (matching" 4-POSTER BED, (that was disassembled on the floor behind it).  So I could have gotten all three matching set, but did not.

About 2 years later I had a beautiful lady come-in for a nude shoot and I was walking her back into the studio.  She STOPPED when she saw the armoire/dressing-table ... pointed at them and said ... "I KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THOSE --- I GOT THE BED !!!".  (and offered to SELL the matching bed to me for $6000)

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