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Re: Such nonsense

Marty4650 wrote:

You say...."Of course you can win against a automatic bidding program"..... but only  as long as you are willing to bid the highest possible price.

Yes, that's how auctions work. Highest bid wins. Not highest possible price.

You said this:

Marty4650 wrote:

But with the advent of auto bid and sniping programs, it has become virtually pointless. It all comes down to "your auto biding program vs mine."

That's not true at all.

I was just stating that that's only the case if your only concern is winning. But that if you bid a max higher than their max, you will win despite it being a bot.

Bots don't just keep bidding until the auction is over. They bid up to a maximum price according to the person using it. If your max price is higher, you win.

Acting like you can't win against them is all I was refuting.

I'm not going to bid on auctions just to win them. I'm not going to keep bidding higher at the end just because a bot is doing so. It seemed like that was exactly what you were doing, thus "your auto biding program vs mine."

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