200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

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Re: 200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

owlseye wrote:

I think the long distance weakness relates more to these type of atmospheric conditions than anything else.

Inside about 75 yards is best, right?

While the converters maintained the sharpness of the lens, the background bokeh seemed to exhibit a pattern/character that I never liked.

When I added a 1.4x to the 200-400, I saw the same thing. Of course this is related to added depth of field, but I also think it is an optical bi-product of the added glass. I know that some people will readily use a converter w/ their 200-400, but that's something that I just won't do.

Never had one myself, as I'm with you: I like the blurry background, as it separates the subject so beautifully.

Recall, I also own the 500PFE, so if I need to go long, I will use my 500mm lens on a D500. If you see yourself needing the full range of 200-500, then rest assured, the 500mm side of things will give you a nice image... just not as nice throughout the range as the 200-400mm lens.

In your bird examples, the little fish (sardines?) were bigger and more discernible in the 200-500 shot, but the contrast seemed different on the bird's feathers. Were those two shots dehired or anything in post? Or was that to illustrate your point about the contrast in the 200-400 being a little more?

A wolverine appeared out of nowhere... clearly, I was thinking Holy $h!T!... since she was on the far side, I asked to use her lens, zoomed to 500mm and shot it at 500mm (750mm equivalent) @ f/5.6... it did great and was the right lens at the right time.

I multitask when I am own the golf course taking photos, as it is a high opportunity cost to be there. Each time I go, I know I want to shoot wildlife, nature, etc. There is a red tailed hawk, a few bunnies, and a fox who appear and disappear as fast as lightning, and I have only gotten soft, crappy shots as I'm not expecting them, and try swapping lenses and seeings as they bolt! Great job with this little guy. Wouldn't want to get on his/her bad side!

Thanks for the help!

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