Some ramblings on sensor size

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Some ramblings on sensor size

For Christmas 2000 my oldest son gave me a Kodak DC3200.  I still have it, and in good light a one megapixel CCD small sensor camera performs adequately.

That old camera had a maximum shutter speed of 1/500, f3.2-f8 fixed lens (with 3X digital zoom) and preserved some treasured memories, some of which have been enlarged to 8x10 and framed.

This iPhone I’m posting this with has about the same tiny size sensor as my DC3200 but of course is far more advanced, and capable.

Yet in good light it also, preserves excellent memories.

It occurs to me that in the last twenty years there must have been billions of digital cameras made ad trillions of exposures taken.  All were acceptable images, in good light.

My first mirrorless camera was the Olympus PL1, and when there is decent light the images from that camera are still almost indistinguishable from my latest Olympus P5 and M5 II cameras, and at times I am more pleased with JPEG images from the PL1.

Yet the same can honestly be said of my iPhone images, in good light.

I think image quality improvements are going to be incremental from here on.

The factors that determine image quality seem to me to be lens quality, processing engine, sensor quality, and last of all, sensor size.

We will eventually have global shutters, but our shutters today work very well.

The digital camera was born nearly  full grown, and now it may have reached full maturity.

Or maybe there’s room for a revolutionary improvement, and I’m just getting older and less capable of imagining something much  better than i already have.

I’d appreciate your musings on the subject.

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