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Re: Ebay strategies?

So much bad info in this thread...

eBay sneakiness - eBay does not change your auction to "make offer". You have to allow that feature when you create your listing. Since they make more off higher selling prices, what benefit would it be for eBay to sell your item for less? Why would they risk losing a seller by messing with their listings? Has never happened to me, I have never heard of this happening until one person claimed so today... and it has happened to him "dozens of times"....  ?

Make an offer - If I create a listing today and add "make an offer" on my 7 day auction, and on day 1 someone offers me 75% of my price... of course I'm going to reject it. Get back with me later in the week if it's still available and see where I stand then. That's what it's for. If I think my item has a value, but isn't selling, in time I will take less. The only other reason I use it is if I have a unique item and know what I want for it, I will list it higher then add "make an offer" and then people will try to get a 'deal' by offering a lower amount, more in line with what I actually wanted.

Bid Sniping - People are claiming they can't win against a sniper... they're wrong. Snipers are set to a max. bid amount. If it's higher than your max bid, then yes you lose. If you bid higher than their max bid amount, then you win. It really isn't that difficult. The only people who complain about sniping are those who get too excited and caught up in the last minute bidding and are willing to keep raising their bid just to win the item and aren't really interested in how much they pay.. or overpay.

I know lots of people just like to complain, but I wanted to present the other side of their issues.

The important things to know are:

  • Always check a person's feedback.
  • Yes, eBay is a buyer's market. They do usually favor buyers when there is a problem.
  • Only bid an amount you feel okay with, otherwise all those things above will annoy you.
  • Again... always check a person's feedback. Read it, and read the responses from the seller if they left any. Sometimes the responses from the seller seem legit, but if he says it like a jerk, I go elsewhere.

If I really want something, I will bid within the last 1-5 seconds. Still I only bid the most I am willing to pay. I do this in hopes that the current high bidder is not watching. I used a sniping app long ago and it failed once. The auction was won buy someone else with a price lower than my max. I'm not saying sniping apps don't work, clearly they do because people use them. It may not have been the fault of whatever app it was.  But, if it's important to me I don't mind watching the last minutes of the auction myself.

All this comes from a guy who still has some old accounts from before credit cards were required and 4 character passwords were allowed (these aren't my main account, obviously), and back when the entire ID of the bidders showed up on the bid history and you could sneak around and offer a duplicate of your item to the second and third highest bidders at their price and save the eBay fees.

Point is, I've been using eBay a very long time.

My only issues are the high fees, and that it's not the personal auction site it used to be but more of a marketplace of millions of people and businesses selling new retail. When a business like Best Buy, Adorama, KEH, Newegg, etc. are selling on eBay or Amazon Marketplace it's because they aren't doing as well as they want on their own sites and they know where people are actually shopping.

All of that comes with the disclaimer that I realize no one asked.

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