Photo editing on smartphone: which app do you prefer? Why?

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Re: Photo editing on smartphone: which app do you prefer? Why?

markyboy81 wrote:

I2K4 wrote:

markyboy81 wrote:

Does anyone know of an android app that allows bulk exporting of photos, like you can do with desktop apps?

I contacted Polarr about this and they said it was possible but it's not, unless I'm doing it wrong.

Photo Mate R3 (paid app) does batch conversions to JPEG, PNG, TIFF - not sure if the trial version will. I've been trying out lightweight, free Photo Editor (MacGyver) which is very cute and batch processes to PDF as well.

I'll check out photo mate r3, thanks. I've used the MacGyver app and I'm a big fan but the batch editing is limited in that you have to do the same edit for each photo. What I'm really looking for is the ability to load up all the images I want to edit in one go, carry out the edits on each one individually (but also be able to copy edits as well) and then at the end export them all in one go.

I think I'm asking too much!

I can why you'd want to retain a selection from a folder of originals and individually edit then batch convert, though not something I've done. Batch processing isn't my strong suit. All that occurs to me is either to use the star rating or tagging systems to keep them identified, or to save the edited batch to a separate folder and do the final file conversion from it.  Possibly there's some relevant workflow wisdom elsewhere on this site or elsewhere.

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