Sensor dust on refurbed 80D?

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Re: Sensor dust on refurbed 80D?

Here's one of the pics when I first noticed the dust (big spot in upper left). The spot became apparent after I did an "Auto-Adjust" in Faststone viewer:

Here's what a "white-out-of-focus" image looks like after using my blower a few times:

I've been trying to see the spots via a digital microscope that I used to use when I had to clean one of my old Pentaxes, and so far, I only can see/find the spot in lower-left. It's on the "edge" of the sensor, the thin area going around the perimeter of the sensor.

I am surprised that, so far, I cannot see any of the other spots.

I have a dry cleaning brush that used to be the 2nd thing I tried way-back-when. I don't know if have any wet pads (and even if I did, they might already be dry).

Also, I have a "dust pen" that I got from Adorama as part of a free bundle awhile ago.

Sorry, like I said, I haven't had to do this for maybe 10+ years (I was away from photography for a long time, then when I started up again a few years ago, I immediately went to M43, and then to Fuji).


EDIT: Here's the spot that I *can* see via the microscope:

EDIT 2: I also have one of the Pentax Imagesensor Cleaning kits (, but I don't remember if I ever used that (the kit looks unopened).

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