Can a 5D4 lock focus on a subject when you recompose?

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Re: Can a 5D4 lock focus on a subject when you recompose?

The 5D4 does do this in live view, as live view is similar to what Sony uses being that there is no mirror.

Through the viewfinder it uses a DSLR mirror, so yes it will track but using a different method, the 5D4 has, "back button focus on steroids," look that up on YouTube, it's not normal back button focus, you can quickly get it to do multiple things.

The type of things you are specifically talking about, a little green box following someone no matter if they stay still or move, that is mirrorless technology, which the 5D Mark IV DOES have but not through the viewfinder.

Now there is a way, like I said to do the same thing though the viewfinder but you won't see a box around them or anything, you'll need to set up a default position and perhaps program the AF ON button so that when you hold it, it switches the type of AF that is going on from one box to lots clusters, or Zone AF, switches to Servo and you can track them. And yes you can literally program that one button to do all three of those things, even changing the, "case" number for tracking just by pressing Af ON. You can have a different set up on the star button.

That's personally how I do it but if I didn't want to put in as much effort, say it wasn't a pro photo shoot but if you have kids or animals running around and you just want to get shots of them rather they are still or moving, I'd put it in live view, put the box around whoever's face you want, by touching the touch screen and take photos.

The only downside to dual pixel AF really is it only shoots at 4 frames per second but 4 photos a second is enough for most things, it's only in wild life that that becomes more important.

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