Sensor dust on refurbed 80D?

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Re: Sensor dust on refurbed 80D?

I have always considered sensor cleaning to be a routine need for shooting with a DSLR.  My first DSLR was a Canon XSi.  I think the shutter had excess lube because I kept getting what I suspect where lube droplets on the sensor.  For the first couple of months, I had to wet clean the sensor every few times I used the camera.  Since then I have used a variety of DSLR cameras and find I need to clean the sensors at least a couple of times a year.  The last time I was in Death Valley there was a lot of wind and I had to do a wet clean every couple of days.

For routine cleaning I use a rocket blower.  That does pretty well with light debris and dust.  Pollen and other sticky stuff needs a wet cleaning.  I use a sensor cleaning spatula with a quarter piece of Pec Pad dampened with a drop or two of Eclipse alcohol.  I typically do I swipe and then replace the Pec Pad.  I do this 3-5x before rechecking the sensor with a blue sky test at f/20.  You can also use disposable swabs but they are expensive.  A package of Pec Pads lasts for years and hundreds of cleanings.

In discussing this with fellow photographers I am always amazed at how few of them clean their sensors.  Of course that is partly because they avoid checking.  I have gotten so used to having a spotless sensor and never needing to remove the dust bunny specks in post processing.  Even if you do not do a blue sky test at f/20 the dust is still there degrading your images.

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