Sensor dust on refurbed 80D?

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Re: Sensor dust on refurbed 80D?

ohaya wrote:

Distinctly Average wrote:

Dust happens. It could have been introduced at any time and would be very hard to prove it was present when the camera was sold to you. You could request a free clean at most, unless there is a return period.

Otherwise, just clean it and enjoy the camera.


I guess that it has been a very long time since I've had/used a DSLR :(...

I am going to try to do that, and see what they say.



I use my cameras most days. The 7D2 almost permanently has the 100-400II attached so rarely gets dust. The 80D on the other hand I am often swapping my 60mm and 65mm lenses. Was out shooting a couple of weeks back and noticed some spots so used the blower to try and clean the sensor. All I did was made it worse. Think my rocket blower must have just been sucking pollen through. Was really frustrating as I got some excellent shots that took ages to process as a result. Pollen is the worst and even my wet cleaning wands didn’t do a good job. Fortunately Canon in my area do a while you wait cleaning for £16.

Hope you get yours sorted. Don’t forget to clean the back of the lens, that seems to be where a lot of the sensor dust originates for me.

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