Quattro DNG Questions

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Quattro DNG Questions

For those of you who shoot Quattro DNGs and/or are familiar with them, I'm curious about a few things.

1. Does color mode affect the DNG color output at all? E.g. Standard vs Portrait. My guess is "no" but it'd be nice to know before testing so I don't waste too much time figuring it out.

2. Does white balance affect the color output significantly? I plan on setting white balance in-camera and I'm wondering if I'll need separate X-Rite profiles for different white balances, or will a single (or dual-illuminant) profile work well? E.g. is incandescent different enough from daylight that the X-Rite generated profiles would be unusable?

3. Is the embedded JPG (which can be extracted) the same as the one that would have been produced if you shot in JPG mode? E.g. would this allow me to shoot in a specific color mode & get the camera's version of the file (which should be about the same as SPP's version of the file).

I plan on testing Quattro DNG files vs other cameras RAW files for color, so this is of great interest to me right now. I could figure all of these things out on my own in time but if any of you know the answers (even if somewhat anecdotal) it'll save me a great deal of time & frustration.

Thank you.

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