Lightroom: Built-in Lens Profile Applied

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Re: Lightroom: Built-in Lens Profile Applied

Sailor Blue wrote:

The panel is showing you that your camera has already applied a lens Profile Correction so LR is not doing it. You shouldn't check the Enable Profile Correction box.

If you are using a raw image, then, strictly speaking, some cameras embed the lens profile in the raw file (along with the image data) and LR applies the lens profile itself in the first stage of processing the raw data.  That lens profile generally contains distortion and vignetting correction.  It sometimes also contains lateral chromatic aberration correction (to see if this is so, just click on the "i" in front of the text "Built-in lens profile applied").

It is also asking if you want to Remove Chromatic Aberration. It is easy enough to check for chromatic aberrations and apply if you find any. Look at edges for green/purple fringing, which is chromatic aberration. Here is some information about chromatic aberration and how to fix it.

Chromatic Aberration - What is Chromatic Aberration? (And How to Fix It in Photoshop or Lightroom)

Chromatic Aberration - Quick Tip: how to precisely detect and remove chromatic aberration in Lightroom - DIY Photography

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