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I've never bought from eBay before, but I've been looking at lenses. I've noticed a lot of items where bidding started ridiculously low, one lens was 2.99 or some such, and bidding took it way up to over $300. People were bidding up in small increments and then at the end the winning bid popped it up by nearly $100. Also, it seemed to me that most things I looked at had automatic bidding going on, and with that, I guess the eBay automatic bid process can swoop in with the winning bid mere seconds after you put in your bid, which would seem to win at that point. It all seems to be a guessing game, where you have to know the max you are willing to spend and hope no automatic bid will out-do you in the final seconds. I find it rather frustrating in the end, I don't like it, and now I mostly look to a "Buy Now" price I think is good and which doesn't involve playing the bidding game. I'll add that setting a low price and letting the bids run appears to be great for the seller, perhaps not so much for the buyer.

I love E-Bay ...

But I NEVER bid until the "last-10-15" seconds, (to late for anyone else to respond).

And, as you indicate, at that time I will put in the "max" I am willing to pay.

I will either get it for "$1" more than someone else's (prior) highest-bid they were willing to pay -- or they get it for $1 more than mine if their "highest" was above mine.

I do similar. If you do it too early, people will "test" your limit and it drives up the price. Doing it last minute and only in with the max amount you are willing to pay ensures you don't get into the emotional bidding wars that can happen with traditional auctions.

If you time it "perfectly", you will still have time to re-enter a second (higher-auto) bid if you find another auto-bidder was higher ... (if you want to) ... but not enough time for anyone else to respond to your (winning) bid.

That's the thing....you can never know what the auto-bidder could do and how quickly it could enter another bid. How many seconds?

Nothing can win over an "auto" bidder, that was not what I meant. But my intention was to surpass what-ever was any manual bid without time for who-ever I beat could reenter again.

I get 95% of what I go after, (including 2 cars at great prices that I am still driving),

I did lose one last week on a "safety-harness" (w/ retail over $400).  It went up to $165, but he didn't get it either because there was a higher reserve he did not meet.  BUT ... it worked out OK because the next day I was in a thrift-shop and saw one for $8.95.  I offered them $4.00 and got it for $5.00.  (and then NEEDED it the next week on a welding-inspection job where I had to be 100' in the air)

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