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Re: Auctions have become pointless

Marty4650 wrote:

Back in the day it was possible to have some fun bidding on ebay auctions. And every once in a while, you ended up getting something you wanted, at a really good price.

But with the advent of auto bid and sniping programs, it has become virtually pointless. It all comes down to "your auto biding program vs mine." Nothing really happens until the last ten seconds of an auction, then a dozen bids get tossed out by the programs and someone wins.

I think most people today just shop the "buy it now" offers. You can't outbid a machine, so why even bother to try?

Yep exactly.  Unless you want to mess with auto bid programs it's pointless to even try bidding and with the programs you have to set a high enough max bid to even come close to a chance of winning that usually an item sells for a price that is so close to buy it now it was pointless or sometimes even more than buy it now offers.  So the whole auction concept has become rather moot. It's more of game in itself for people who just to see if they can win than it is a way to get deals or set fair demand based price.  So with auctions you just wait longer to get an item and then 2/3s of  time you lose anyway even with an auto bid program.  I wish ebay would find a way to prevent the auto bidding.  Might make auctions interesting and fun again.

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