200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

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Re: 200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

olindacat wrote:

thought I'd give this question a whirl and see if anyone has any preferences between the two and why, for future use, 10-15 years from now.

I bought my 4/200-400 VRI in 2005

Despite admittedly ( and in hindsight ashamed for it) abusing it shooting shore to see wave and windsurf, with a lot of salt water spray and during rain and sleet (I'm based in the Netherlands, for most part of the year no Hawaii or California sunshine over here ) without any kind of raincover, it kept working

Texel Roadtrip 20091016 D3 4/200-400 VRI at 400mm 1/1250s f/7.1 iso320

After a few years of shooting in the above conditions I thought the salt water had finally seeped into the lens and corroded the contacts of the VR engine

But when I had the lens checked at the local NPS service point, during which they had to disassemble the lens, apparently the contacts inadvertently got cleaned in the process

So no need for an expensive repair of well over Eur 600 (ex taxes), only had to pay about Eur 60 , the cost for the inspection

Nowadays use it for catwalk in larger venues too long for my catwalk standard workhorse 2.8/70-200

AMFI Amsterdam 20110629 D3 4/200-400mm VRI at 280.0mm 1/320s f/4.5 iso1100

Haven't used it on a Z6 yet, but my 2/200 VRI I bought in 2004 works fine on it, both for static, and (fast) moving subjects shooting as eg catwalk

MAFB Tropenmuseum 20181209 Z6 2/200mm VRI f 3.2 1/320th ISO 3200

So I think that based on personal experience I can say it's not beyond expectations to expect the 4/200-400mm VRI (or VRII) will last at least for 14 years

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all in a day's work

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