Ebay strategies?

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Re: Ebay strategies?

tcg550 wrote:

Lately I look for Buy It Now prices or Make Offer, probablly because of Amazon, I really don't want to wait a few days for the end of an auction to see if I get something only to start the search again if I lose.

Just recently I saw a lens I wanted with a Buy It Now price or Make Offer.

I offered 20 bucks less only to be turned down without a counter offer, just a message saying the Buy It Now price was a bargain.

Maybe it was but why put Make Offer if you have no intentions of coming off your price.

So there are plenty of people that really don't know how eBay works.

Personally after selling with the "make offer" option on I would never use it again.  Because you have to reject a ton of ridiculous low ball offers that are 50-80% below  the buy it now price that just waste your time.  And that wasn't even on an item with a lot of demand.  But if you aren't going to take any price below the buy it now price using the "make offer" option is even more pointless lol.

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