buying a new body to start my photo system

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buying a new body to start my photo system

I'm looking to start a new photo shooting system, and was thinking about a body that's under $1.500 since it may get obsolete at some point in the future. I used to shoot with a Pentax MX SLR and 3 primes, 50mm f/1.4, 135mm f/2.5 and 35mm f/2.8. Some 25 years later I tried a Pentax ist DL ASP-C DSLR with the kit 18-55mm, I don't remember the f value, but i didn't like that camera, to say the least. The viewfinder was dark, creative options were minimal and the compatibility with my primes weren't good. Honestly didn't care much when my daughter left it fall from my desk.

Nowdays, I'm looking for two different options. One is a Fuji X-100F range finder camera, that I like its reduced dimentions, the dual optical and EV finder, relatively fast prime lense that may produce interesting bookeh, but not quite as good as 1.4 lense would. Another detail is that it's only ASP-C crop sensor and non interchangeable lense. It's quite good quality, although not quit to Nikon DF standards. And the best of all, it has traditional exposure and aperture dials. I could get one of there for around $1.000. And it already has all, lense and fill-in flash. Maybe I will still get one even after buying a DSLR, as the camera to put in the pocket every day.

Another option, which would certainly be more fun, is a full frame DSLR system. The options here are the following:

- Canon 6D around $850 (good low light performance, good DSLR)

- Canon 5Ds around $1250 (professional grade 50MP camera with even 8000 shutter speed, Wi-Fi trough inexpensive SD card)

- Mint used Nikon DF around $1300 (F4 sensor, classic exposure controls, Wi-Fi trough expensive dongle, no video, no flash, very high quality)

- Nikon D750 around $1100 (Great all around camera with all bases covered, highquality)

- Nikon Z6 around $1500 (Very high quality, new generation very expensive but optically superior lenses, no flash)

There are other options that I didn't include. 6D Mark II, around $1300, I'm not sure it compares well with the 6D or the 5Ds in terms of value. The RP for around $1200, seems a bit amateur camera with very expensive lenses. And finally the D610 that for $1000 doesn't compare well with the D750 (higher quality, wi-fi, tilting LCD, better AF).

Another detail is that I would be investing in EF or F lenses, while with the Z6 would be buying newer Z lenses, but so far would only buy the 50mm f/1.8 and wait for new releases. The problem is that I don't plan to go over $1000 for any lense while something fast made up to Z standards would probably be over that.

What would be the best option in your opinion?

Canon 6D Mark II Canon EOS 5DS Canon EOS 6D Nikon D610 Nikon D750 Nikon Df Nikon Z6
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