Lighwight Ultra Wide FE Lens Options?

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Lighwight Ultra Wide FE Lens Options?

Hey all, I'm currently putting together a FE system. I'm looking for a lightweight UWA lens, ideally under 300g but something closer to 200g would be awesome. For my M43 system I have the minuscule Loawa 7.5/2 at 150g, and the Panasonic 7-14/4 at a mere 300g. I would like something at least 15mm wide (whether prime or zoom), but would consider 16-18mm too.

It looks like my best option is probably one of the Voigtlander trio:

Voigt 10mm 5.6: 371g

Voigt 12mm 5.6: 283g

Voigt 15mm 4.5 III: 294g

One of these is likely what I will go with, but it's a bit of a bummer that all of them are about 2x as heavy as my 7.5mm, while being 2-3 stops slower. Though to be fair, the 10 & 12 are significantly wider. Are there any other lightweight/compact MF UWA primes that I'm missing?

For AF it looks like the best choices are:

Samyang 14mm: 505g

Sony 16-35/4: 518g

Sony 12-24/4: 565g

But these are about twice as heavy as I would like to carry. I do most of my photography when I travel, so being light weight is important. I know it might be asking for a miracle for ultra wide, fullframe coverage, and light weight, but are there any lenses I'm missing?

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