A7r2 - charging orange light?

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Re: A7r2 - charging orange light?

Foto4x4 wrote:

mattjp1 wrote:

Snapsh0t wrote:

Reading the manual is often helpful as it clearly states that the light should turn off when the charging has finished.

Reading my post is also often helpful.

I bought it used and there was no manual. It also seems others have the same issue, how about you give them the same attitude?

Matt, I didn’t think snapsh0t displayed attitude, but gave a reasonable reply. You did not mention you had no manual either. Besides, you are best to download the full manuals with Sony cameras anyway.

As a longer term Sony user, I suggest you purchase a W battery quick charger and spare battery anyway. The A7RII can be heavy on batteries if shooting all day. Also note that in an emergency, you can power your camera from a battery bank as well as charge in camera. The battery only charges when the camera is off too.

Sorry but I have a different opinion. And it's pretty common for used cameras not to come with the manual. Plus there are several technical questions on forums that could be answered by the manual (even though I do not have it). Picking on one especially is strange to say the least.

Thank you for your suggestions. Coming from a long term Sony shooter, it certainly helps and I will check this charger now. I'm leaving for a trip in a few hours so perhaps have it deliver in the country I visit. Indeed I will be out the whole day and haven't thought of a powerbank... thanks again!

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