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Re: Astro with Fuji X-T2

MacM545 wrote:

I've been interested in what other people use, brand wise, for imaging with Fuji X mount and telescopes; the goal is to attach my X-T2 to a telescope but I'm unsure which brand of T mount adaptor to choose from. Also, what type of telescope should be good for such a camera? Based on what I've read, cheaper telescopes might not focus well; my own was about $300 and didn't focus to infinity, but that was when I had my Canon 500d attached. So far, I wanted to at least go to my local observatory and take photos using the large Meade refractor there, and once I can, get a either a different telescope or astrograph.

I don't think most of us pay much attention to the brands of our adapters, and I only occasionally see posts from people complaining that some they bought from this source or that didn't quite fit right. So, instead of recommending any specific brand, I'd just generally recommend that you buy from a seller with a good return policy, just in case you happen to get one of those "mistakes."

Your post makes past tense reference to a $300 telescope, but I can't tell whether you mean that you don't own it any more, or just that it didn't work when you tried it with the Canon in the past. From the fact that you couldn't get it to focus, I am suspecting that it was a Newtonian reflector. That's a common experience with Newtonians. But your X-T2 has one pertinent difference from the Canon, that being a 17.2mm flange-to-sensor distance, compared to 44mm for the Canon. This means you might be able to get the telescope to focus on the sensor of the Fuji when it wouldn't work with the Canon. What you'd need to give that a try is a short Fuji T-adapter, sometimes called a "T-minus" adapter, different from most adapters you see. The only place I know for certain that you can get these is here, although there certainly may be others. As you can see from their copy, these are made particularly to address that common problem with Newtonians.

Also, as Greg has already mentioned, you'll want a tracking mount for use with a telescope. That is many times more crucial than the telescope. For those of us who do AP with telescopes, it's not uncommon to spend several times more on the mount than on the scope. If that $300 telescope came with a mount included at that price, there is practically zero chance that it will be adequate for images of anything in the night sky other than perhaps the moon,

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