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Crystal ball

You can never future-proof tech, but you can put your pennies in right places. I realize nobody has a crystal ball, but curious if anyone is in a similar boat. I recently read in a thread that the F mount was "going the way of the dodo". Then I'll read about all of the good deals to be had from older bodies, which I see, and in fact own one of those 'good deals' (810). But I'm getting older, the future is uncertain, and it'd be nice to invest what little I have in something that might carry my into the late years of life.

Seems to me the Z system is still evolving. I was an early adopter, if that is the right term, of the cropped D2X back in '05. I had shot digitally only if I had to then, using an Olympus E10 then 20, so it was a system buy. Picked up the Holy Trinity and the body for about $10K at the time.

Worked out well, but it really wasn't until the D700 I found the files for what I need were killer. I never actually owned that body, a friend of mine did, and I shot with him and his camera often. Loved it, ut always wanted more pixels. When the D800E arrived it was super. Loved it, but did have some trouble focusing. I now have a D810 and it is fine, but the CF card wins are fragged and I'm not dropping $500 to fix.

I was lurking here, posting for advise on cheap lenses as I feel the F is going to eventually go. I have poor eye sight and rely heavily on AF. It is what saves me, and we all know the port unity cost of going to shoot. Horrid when you get back to your computer and see soft edges, etc.

I need reach, sharp wide, and faster focusing. I realize the focusing is both in camera and in lens, e.g, SWM moving elements, and the detection in camera, etc.

The Z adapter seems to make legacy F glass compatible with the new system, but I don't understand why the new mirrorless is that much better, outside of the mirror being gone, and I know it has to be the future, isn't it?

Are people waiting for the next Z generation, the Z lens road map to unfold before executing? I am alive now and want to shoot the best I can, know it isn't the arrow it's the indian but have been doing this long enough to know technological advances have helped me immensely, so want to move forward, but am gun-shy about Z. The D850 is two years old, I figure a good body has 7-10+ years in it, but what I don't want is to be on a bread line when I am 75 and unable to take advantage of Z, or whatever, if the mirrorless world really is that much better.

I have had recently my hands on the Sony ARs, the D850, Z6 and 7, and the Canon R. I like Nikon (in general) far more, but Z is foreign, and the 850 I understand has a learning curve, so I probably didn't know what I was holding when I held it. Same for all of those mirrorless'. They all felt a bit fragile. The 850 simile to my 810, but I know it had more under the hood.

Money is tight, but I can drop what I need to in order to build out a nice future kit. I just don't feel like right now is the right time, at least for Nikon. Maybe another year, which is a painful wait, as I'd be buying F glass between now and then, but maybe that isn't a bad thing... just see that 24-70 2.8 Z going and hear lots of positive things about the f/4.

Anyone else in my boat?  Thanks. for thoughts.

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