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I have been buying and selling on Ebay for more than 20 years. Now I have decided to sell a lot of equipment I never use anymore (or ever!). This is an auction site but I wonder why so many people put a starting price above recently sold items and/or a by it now price of similar high amount. Is it that they think the item is worth X amount because that is how they value it. I used to start most items at $1 or $9 and let the fun begin. The more expensive items I check recently sold items and start at a price somewhat below that amount. If I am reluctant to sell something then I may start at a high price, but this rare.

Now I am clearing out stuff to concentrate on two areas, 1) digital with fuji X and Sony/Minolta A-mount, and 2) film with camera and lenses that cover the 4X10 and 5X7 formats, i.e. the big view cameras that I enjoyed using for many years before the digital revolution.

I will not feel bad if something sells for way less than I paid for it, because I won't be using anyway. Let someone else have it, whether for resale or actual use. Everyone loves a bargain and a true auction offers that potential.

eBay isn’t what it used to be, I’ve had no luck with auctions. I think most people have been trained by Amazon over the last 20 years to buy something today and expect it delivered in 2 days.

So I literally go on B&H, find the current price of what I’m selling (if still available new), and then do a Buy It Now for half that amount. Works ok for most items. Filters people seem to avoid unless they’re like $10. I have filters that sell new for $125, and they just don’t sell on eBay for even 75% off that.

I was really disappointed in one lens I tried to buy...I put an offer in for $350 and the seller refused. He then raised the price about $75 and it didn't sell, and then later he lowered it again and it eventually sold for $325. So he would have got more buying from my initial offer!

He may have refused because he didn’t know eBay changed his listing to allow offers without his permission, after it’s already gone live. They do that, it’s happened to me dozens of times. Just another way eBay screws over sellers.

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