Canon EOS-1n, a strike of genius

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Canon EOS-1n, a strike of genius

After having done some experimenting with stuff that does not work, I happened to read a post by a clear-headed Brit. (There are lots and lots of them but they are shy)

What this guy said was that it is idiotic to give away all the speed and comfort the Canon guys (Colani the designer!) put in their 'argentique' or film EOSes. WTH, I thought. I still have some excellent EF lenses so why not give it a try. A 'mint' EOS 1n arrived Thursday and today I got batteries and a film cassette in.

You know what.
They used to be a lot more intelligent at Canon a couple of decades ago.
No, I do not mean 'more technologically advanced', that would be a lie.
Intelligence is a relative concept where the normal is presented with the number '100'.

But just how simple is this EOS 1n user interface! Can you go wrong with it?
It is a beautiful example of what you get when you have brilliant engineers working with a creative genius of form and human dimensions.

My first experience was a bit scary as the 40mm STM lens gave me the "I am broken, leave me alone"- kind of buzz. It is a lens from the later days so I put the 50mm f/1.2 on instead.
It focuses like 'click'.

I confess, I never was a Leica guy. My first real camera was a Canon AE-1.
My first EOS came into the house as my eyesight aged beyond the reach of my arms in 1998. Twenty years ago...and the EOS 1n seems very eager to go on with the romance.

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