What Improvement(s) for next generation of Z6?

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Re: Please no flipping screen.

stimmer wrote:

I’ve had those before and they are a pain to flip out and make the camera more vulnerable. The only advantage is from the front and I never need that with my phone and snap bridge.

I actually think the camera is pretty perfect. Just keep updating firmware for focus and add some new lenses.

IDK.  If you're shooting from a low angle, a vertical tilt screen is nice.  I had one on my Fuji XT2 and loved it for the times when I had to shoot from near ground level without a tripod or stand.  And to be honest, it didn't feel cheap or like it was going to break off or anything.  On the contrary though, I think a front facing screen is less useful on a camera like the Z (in my opinion) because I don't know that many people are going to be using it to vlog (partially because it's size and the size of lenses that goes along with the camera, whether you're using the FTZ or native glass--it ends up just being a large contraption, and for those that will shoot video, it will most likely be from behind the camera in many/most cases.  This is just my opinion and how I would think most people would be using this camera as it relates to flip out/articulated screens.

I can understand not using one that's attached to a pivot point, like they did on the D5000-series bodies as those can break easily too, but I too would like to see vertical tilting screen as well.

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