Ebay strategies?

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Re: Ebay strategies?

Human nature...

Some people can't get past "free postage" so they can end up paying more because they get "free postage".

Others buy only within their country.

Others like to win a bidding war ; that is the kick they get out of EBay, so they can pay more than they should because they want to win.

Then you have bad listings were the key words for the item are not used (say tele lens or  Minolta lens instead of Minolta AF 500mm F8 ) so get ignored by most and found only by chance or by  someone with a lot of time on their hands.

At other times you could have a shortage or a glut on a particular item so the sell reflects that too.

I have had good results both buying and selling but also had been anable to sell a couple of items at less than the market value. Simply no interest for them at the time of posting.

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