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John KM/linhof wrote:

I have been buying and selling on Ebay for more than 20 years. Now I have decided to sell a lot of equipment I never use anymore (or ever!). This is an auction site but I wonder why so many people put a starting price above recently sold items and/or a by it now price of similar high amount. Is it that they think the item is worth X amount because that is how they value it. I used to start most items at $1 or $9 and let the fun begin. The more expensive items I check recently sold items and start at a price somewhat below that amount. If I am reluctant to sell something then I may start at a high price, but this rare.

Now I am clearing out stuff to concentrate on two areas, 1) digital with fuji X and Sony/Minolta A-mount, and 2) film with camera and lenses that cover the 4X10 and 5X7 formats, i.e. the big view cameras that I enjoyed using for many years before the digital revolution.

I will not feel bad if something sells for way less than I paid for it, because I won't be using anyway. Let someone else have it, whether for resale or actual use. Everyone loves a bargain and a true auction offers that potential.

eBay isn’t what it used to be, I’ve had no luck with auctions. I think most people have been trained by Amazon over the last 20 years to buy something today and expect it delivered in 2 days.

So I literally go on B&H, find the current price of what I’m selling (if still available new), and then do a Buy It Now for half that amount. Works ok for most items. Filters people seem to avoid unless they’re like $10. I have filters that sell new for $125, and they just don’t sell on eBay for even 75% off that.

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