Help understanding photoshop layer so I can do on my own for my pictures? TIF included

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This is what I would do.

Hi Brian,

I think I misunderstood your question at first. I thought it was more regarding the mask...

Smoothing out a background to replicate the Tiff file layers that you posted could be done like this:

Step 1 - Make a selection of the background. Use any masking method you want...

Step 2 - Make two new Layers via the Selection (Command + J on a Mac / Maybe control + J on PC?)

Step 3 - Gaussian blur the top layer to your desired amount

Step 4- 'Clip' the top background layer to the bottom background layer - this is basically making the top layer stick to the pixels of the below layer meaning the background cannot bleed into the subject. This part is only as good as your selection (in my case, not great)

To smooth out the background even more, you can manually select a brush on low/medium opacity and pain in the desired colours... To demonstrate I went for orange to stand out. This

Step 5 - To go to the before and after just uncheck the layer visibility of the top layer. When you are doing your final colour grades, dont do them on a hard layer i.e. one you cannot undo without deleting that layer. Instead make everything non detructive like below.

By the way. Great image and great model.

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