Just did the Sigma MC-11 mod for Canon EF-S lens mount

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Re: Just did the Sigma MC-11 mod for Canon EF-S lens mount

DigitalScott wrote:

Thanks for that report. I have heard of this before, but I don't have any EF-S lenses currently to try it.

Wondering... Is part of that inner black plastic blocking insertion of the EF-S lenses? (I assume it must be) Would there be a way to Dremel out a small part of the black inner plastic so that it can be re-inserted and still allow use of the EF-S range of lenses?

Since the EF-S lenses fit perfectly without that dust cover in place, it seems that the added thickness of the plastic is what prevents the lenses from seating all the way.  The shape of it conforms to the body and opening it fits on.  If you can find out which part of the cover actually restricts the movement of the EF-S lens, you should be able to grind that area down.

The plate really doesn’t appear to serve any function other than to cover the electronics inside, but those are not very exposed to any dust once the caps or a lens is on anyway.  It's probably a part you can't buy, so I opted to just keep it intact so I can sell the adapter as original if I want to at some point.

My question is why Sigma would design an internal plastic cover that makes EF-S lenses incompatible?  Without it, both EF and EF-S lenses work well, so not sure what the rationale behind this is.  IMHO, the MC-11 would be much more popular if they just redesigned that piece and kept more users happy.

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