5 years out of date, my first Sony

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Peter Bendheim
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5 years out of date, my first Sony

In my search to find a quality pocket camera on a budget, I finally bought a shiny new RX100 Mark iii, some 4,5 years after it came to the market.

Not that anyone cares, no would I expect anyone to be interested in someone who buys an old product.

I have a few observations and questions, maybe they will be answered, maybe not.

1. I live in Malaysia and the camera was bought from a respectable dealer in a sealed box. I was surprised that there was no warranty info inside the box at all. The dealer says there isn’t anymore, everything is online. Seems odd to me but maybe it’s true. The sealed box is a bit of a misnomer because you can wiggle open the bottom cardboard flaps and leave the seal intact. Probably different in the US..

2. It’s every bit as beautiful a device as it looks in the pictures. Well made like a precision instrument. But I feel slightly scared holding it, as if I’m holding someone’s prize pet lovebird and I’m going to crush or damage it. Is it as fragile as it feels or is it quite robust?

3. One of the reasons I opted for this model is the amazing low price compared to the more recent models. Much of the research seemed to indicate that the IQ is pretty similar, if not almost identical from one model to the next? I’m just shooting normal stills, I don’t need 4K video and machine gun burst modes. Was the IQ assumption correct, or at least reasonably correct?

4. Sony menus are not half as bad as some people make them out to be. I found them quite easy.

5. Without plus exposure compensation, the images seem a bit dark to me. I’m used to adding or subtracting compensation as the need arises, but I think I’ll be adding more often than not, unless I’m doing something wrong.

6. I see Sony sells almost all the RX100 models as new to this day, mine included. I’m really curious to know if they are actually still making all these models on production lines somewhere or if I’m just buying old stock. It’s quite something to see a nearly 5 year old camera still readily available as new. I’m curious to know the answer to this one.

7. Coming from the Canon world, Sony color seems a bit shifted to the greens and blues rather than the warmer Canon tones. Seeing as I shoot in RAW, I will simply need to make more adjustments to get those healthier happier colors but it’s going to need more PP work which is a bit annoying. Unless someone has some bright setup ideas I may have missed.

8. The lens is great, the images are sharp and noise control is fine, the grain that does appear by no means detracts from images. The focus is pretty quick too. I like to use flexible point, medium size. I found that the very small reticule is actually less responsive in lower light. Is this just me?

9. Even though I’ve been a photographer for decades, I’m the first to admit that my first week or two with any camera is usually a disaster. I sort of need to learn the quirks and foibles and overcome user error before getting it right. So I try not to rant and have buyers remorse before I’ve really given a camera a chance. I think the Sony and I will get on ok when I feel a little more confident of this small and fragile thing.

However, if anyone has some invaluable tips, secret sauce or links to pages with secret sauce, you will have my gratitude.

Thanks for reading my ramblings if you have gotten this far, and all responses are welcome.

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