Initial impressions on new G5x Mark II compared to the original

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Re: Initial impressions on new G5x Mark II compared to the original

requa wrote:

Now that I have my G5X-II in hand, I'm definitely trying to be aware of this possible issue with the EVF switching to LCD unexpectedly. I don't think I'll have the same issue since I usually use contact lenses instead of glasses, but I'm wondering whether you tried the manual option and found it unusable for some reason? I found a manual setting that seems to bypass the sensor and choose the display mode based on whether the EVF is fully extended or not. Of course, better control over the sensitivity of the sensor would be the preferred solution, but it least this gives an alternative.

So far, the only issue I'm having with using the EVF is that my nose tends to move the focus point around, but I think I can get used to not leaving nose prints on the screen.

I didn't try the manual setting, but I believe you can map it to the custom button to manually switch between the LCD and EVF.

It just feels like yet another step in using the EVF for me at this point.  Pulling up and extending the EVF, then having to manually turn off the LCD via a button is just too much for spontaneous shooting, and will get tiring before long on frequent use.

My conclusion is if you are primarily looking to shoot with an EVF, it makes sense for something with a bit more of an instant access solution, like the original G5X or G1X Mark III, which I decided to go with.

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