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Ellis Vener wrote:

ClosePhoto wrote:

mawyatt2002 wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

John K wrote:

What are you photographing, what's the primary light source, and what macro lens/setup do you have to get to 4:1?

Asking cause I shoot single frames up to 5x.

Nothing complex: just rocks.

With respect, Lighting is a completely different subject from my query and I am not photographing geodes.

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I was responding to mawyatt2002's comment about the challenge of rocks, not to the thread in general.

Typically at 4x magnification one isn't looking for the matrix of a rock, but to capture the interesting elements unseen to the eye, such as the dawsonite, calcite, fluorite and marcasite crystals in that little vug.

In your case, the answer is straightforward. If focus stacking with Helicon is an option with your gear it's preferable to using a rail. A manual focusing lens or microscope objective necessitates a rail. Provided your lens doesn't have severe focus breathing, the focus stepping method will produce slightly better results.

Have you decided how you're getting to 4x magnification? Doing so while maintaining autofocus (to allow for stepping), IQ, and a reasonable working distance is a mean feat given the number of possible combinations.

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