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On Walimex VC 300 and power ranges

I have a Walimex VC 300 Plus, with a separate remote power control (different from the trigger). It's made in China, probably to Walimex specs, but significantly slower to recharge than my other Chinese lights (Oubao DK-300 and Godox AD 600).

There's nothing wrong with it, but it was way too expensive compared to the Oubao lights and it's clunky to work with compared to the X system Godoxes where power is controlled from the on-camera trigger (Xpro).

While a five stop power range may be sufficient for main lights, I often run my hair light or rim lights between 1/128 and 1/256, even with a grid or a snoot. Do not underestimate the convenience of not having to fiddle with extra diffusion layers, ND gels, or other hacks that could be avoided by having a wider power range.

One of the advantages of more powerful strobes is the recycle times. When you run a 600 Ws strobe at 1/4, you get much faster recycling than a 150 Ws strobe at full power.

My Godox AD 600s can recycle fast enough for 8 fps at 1/16 power. Probably not forever, but I shot a jumping girl recently, using that technique to catch the top of her jump.

Good luck and good light.

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