Questions About Sensor Size and Pixel Pitch

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Re: Questions About Sensor Size and Pixel Pitch

Chaplain Mark wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Chaplain Mark wrote:

My question was, does a larger sensor size automatically mean a smaller pixel pitch?

The answer is no. A larger sensor might have larger pixels, or smaller pixels, or the same size pixels as a smaller sensor. Depends on the specific sensors.

Okay then, the two sensors to compare are, Sony a7Riii full-frame 43mp and Canon G5X and G3X 20 mp 1-inch type, (sensor built by Sony?)

Do we know if the FF sensor is more pixel-dense than the 11-inch type?

It's just simple math using specs found online.

The specs I found say the A7RIII sensor is 35.9mm x 24mm with a pixel count of 7952 x 5304, and the GX5 sensor is 13.2mm x 8.8mm with a pixel count of 5472 x 3648.

You only need to look at one dimension to get the approximate pixel pitch. Using the long dimension:

35.9 / 7952 = roughly 0.00451mm per pixel. 13.2 / 5472 = roughly 0.00241mm per pixel.

The pixel pitch of the GX5 is much smaller.

If you're curious about a small sensor with comparatively huge pixels, the Sony DSC-D770 (my first digital camera, introduced 20 years ago) has one. Its sensor is 6.4mm x 4.8mm with a pixel count of 1344 x 1024.

6.4 / 1344 = roughly 0.00476mm per pixel ... a tad larger than those in the A7RIII.

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