Cognisys Stackshot?

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Ellis Vener wrote:

John K wrote:

What are you photographing, what's the primary light source, and what macro lens/setup do you have to get to 4:1?

Asking cause I shoot single frames up to 5x.

Nothing complex: just rocks.

I wouldn't characterize all rocks as "nothing complex", some rocks & minerals can be very challenging because of the complex surface reflections. There are a few folks over at the Photomacrography site Bill mentioned that have produced some stunningly beautiful images of rocks and minerals with Stackshot and WeMacro rails. I had no idea how beautiful these minerals and rocks can be, others have done some sections of small meteorites that are also quite stunning. I recall an image of a small mineral crystal with a tiny ~1mm sliver of gold meandering around in the crystal surfaces, absolutely beautiful natural subject!

Caution, stacking can become addictive because you can fill the entire field with crystal sharpness at pixel levels and not suffer defraction and soft corners with traditional techniques. Some specialized lenses, including microscope objectives, can be employed to go far beyond what conventional "macro" lens achieve at higher magnifications. Recently a surplus Minolta Film Scanner lens (5400) Robert O'Tool discovered and tested with excellent results, these quickly escalated in price once the "word" got out!! He also discovered a $18 4x microscope finite objective that is a jewel in the rough, think you can still get these for ~$20!

Along with the excellent sites Bill mentioned here is Robert O'Tools site.


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