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Re: Love it, Really, With a Caveat....

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

Traveller wrote:

...I feel the eye is drawn too much to the upper right by the promenance of the sun....I think this would be fine without the sun at all, or maybe reduced 50~75%.

The subject is the sunflower and its petals...looking out into its landscape or its future...to distract from this is to defeat it's purpose.

I think...but...

You are the artist, these are your decisions and decisions to be respected.


Hmmm. This could be an interesting discussion. I see the sunflower looking to the sun as its source of energy and life. I see them as a pair.

That why the rear view works so well for me.

Jim hit the nail on the head, exactly my thinking as this developed in front of me.  In this situation the sun is a complete fabrication in photoshop so I can go back in and shrink it a touch but then again it’s art and nothing is in exact proportions.

The reason I’ve shot this from behind is the wild sunflower is in a  natural pollination field  looking in the general direction of the sun and no way in hell was I wandering into 4 to 5 feet high natural grasses and weeds to capture it face to face. This angle drew me in even more than the possibility of a front view.

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