D500 Battery drain disappointing

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Re: D500 Battery drain disappointing

Krish6102 wrote:

Kev I have no idea what specifically may be causing your D500 battery drain.

But right away if you're not shooting on "Airplane" mode with Bluetooth and WI-fi switched off, do that now, and check again. Wireless connectivity tends to use up a lot of power

I have been using my D500 for nearly two years now (in airplane mode) and have never had a problem with battery life.

In case it helps anyone, I usually get the D500 battery to last as long as my old nom-wifi D90 did (i.e., about 3 days of backpacking) while still enjoying snapbridge. Two things to do:

(1) "Send while off" needs to be off (otherwise the connection is active even when your camera is off)

(2) Your phone must be close to the camera (I left it home once and it died in a day - I guess "looking" for the phone connection takes a lot of energy)

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