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Re: I recant

MyReality wrote:

"the devil is in the details" - is an English metaphor that means that a problem is in the micro("zoomed in) level and not the macro("zoomed" out) level.

No it doesn't. It means that a cursory glance at any phenomenon can lead to a simple explanation but when examined more closely the details reveal it to be not so simple as initially thought.

Many, probably most, examples of confirmation bias are based on such cursory examinations including your original assessment of the characters of the posters on this forum.

To wit: Where you said:

"Foveon sensor people seemed to be very biased towards their equipment."

and further in: where you said:

"My experience in commuting (sic) with people on this forum about Foveon sensors and prints leads me to conclude that they are not susceptible to logic."

These are statements easily determined to be impacted by confirmation bias.  Had you bothered to find out what confirmation bias is you might have learned something useful about how we as humans confuse ourselves by not being able to see new things other than in the context of things we've seen before.  The only way around that is to test your conclusions and the way that is usually done is by creating a hypothesis to explain a phenomenon and then an experiment to test  the hypothesis.

I have no idea where you got the idea I ever expressed anything about detail in an image or how to test for it or denied anything you said about that topic in this thread.  You must have gotten confused somewhere along the line.

If you had not expressed those unfounded, other than in your own confirmation biased mind, opinions about Sigma user there would have been no objections from me.  But you did and so I did respond and probably would do so again.  As another poster concluded confirmation bias is at the root of a lot of human miscommunication.  Unfortunately as the example from Bacon shows it's nothing new.  I am sure it will not be recognized by most nor result in any real improvement in communication between differing groups of people except on an individual basis but I'll continue to do my little bit to bring it to light when an opportunity presents itself.


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