Questions About Sensor Size and Pixel Pitch

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Re: Questions About Sensor Size and Pixel Pitch

Chaplain Mark wrote:

Sorry about that, lol...

Got interrupted while posting...!!!

My question was, does a larger sensor size automatically mean a smaller pixel pitch?

For example, my a7Riii has obviously much higher resolution with its full-frame sensor than do my G5X and G3X with their 1-Inch type sensors.

Of course, the full-frame sensor has more pixels because of (at least) the larger sensor size, but do we know if there are more pixels per square unit of sensor surface area than on the PowerShot sensors?

Thanks in advance..!!!

There is no general answer to this. If you look at the full frame sensor that goes into the Sony A7Sxxx, you will see that it is only 12M pixel. And the pixels are large so that it is better in low light. Then compare that with the A7Riv which is also full frame, and it now has 61M pixels. So the pixels have to be smaller.

And if you consider a full frame and an APS-C sensor that both have the same number of pixels, it is easy to see that the pixels per square unit has to go up.

We could also compare a 61M pixel full frame sensor and a 16M pixel APS-C.  In this case, the full frame will have more pixels per square unit.

But you will most likely find that a smaller sensor usually packs more pixels per square unit.

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