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Re: I recant

MyReality wrote:

I was not trolling and my intention was not to doom the sight. What brought it close to doom was a sideline discussion of "confirmation bias".



As for "zooming", no, you don't "zoom" when you view a picture that was not downscaled nor upscaled using whatever interpolation, you view it in its unmodified form. If you don't like the fact that it's only a segment of the whole picture, because your monitor doesn't have such a high resolution, that's another matter, and if you don't like the fact that something seems too close, back away from the monitor. If you want to view the entire picture unmodified by downscaling or upscaling, print it (preferably using a printer and paper that don't produce noticeable artifacts). Viewing a dowscaled picture only allows you to properly assess the quality of a downscaled picture, but never the quality of the original picture.

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