Shooting in full Manual mode? I've got questions for you.

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Re: Shooting in full Manual mode? I've got questions for you.

PTMcH wrote:

Perhaps we are saying the same thing.

It sounds like we are ..

I pick aperature based on what DoF I want and Shutter Speed based on motion blur (or not). Most of the time, I'll let auto ISO based on metering to pick ISO, with me adjusting exposure compensation if needed.

That's how I generally shoot when lighting requires going above base ISO. The only additional consideration I throw into the mix (and you probably do, too) is that, while picking f-stop for DOF and shutter speed for motion, I keep in mind that the more light I put on the sensor, the better. But while my goal is to maximize light on the sensor, sometimes compromises are worthwhile. A half press of the shutter shows me the calculated ISO. If I'm shooting action and the ISO is modest (meaning I'm not underexposing too badly - noise will be reasonable) then I'll pick a faster shutter speed knowing that the end result will benefit more from reducing motion blur than from a decrease in noise. But if lighting is really low and I'm seeing ISOs creeping up to 6400 or above (on my APS-C DSLR) then I'll consider a longer shutter time. Once I start shooting at an event, I don't have to tweak the settings often (only if lighting changes drastically or subject motion changes - like going from a fast dance number to a slow one or deciding I want to play with motion blur, etc).

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