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Re: Fast powerful desktop replacement

toomanycanons wrote:

Meaning, a laptop I can take on the road and do the things my two photo computers do.

The specs for the desktops aren't earth shattering but they get the job done:

1) I5-8400 which can give me a steady 3.9 GHz all day

2) 32 GB 3000 DDR4 ram

3) GTX 1050ti, although that doesn't play much of a roll

It's the fact I can steadily burn through the folders I need processing in LR6/CS5 and most importantly PT Gui 11.3 all day with no slowdowns unless you want to factor in the tendonitis in my right forearm!

My two current laptops (Lenovo T430 and W520) are completely inadequate. I need a laptop I can work on while on the road with the same efficiency as I do at home.

I'll be plugged in at a library when I would be doing on-the-road processing so long battery power isn't crucial.

I figure that the fastest cpu I can get along with 32 GB should be a good start but I'm sure there are many items on the "they don't tell you this but..." list.

Like any powerful laptop cpu throttling back because of heat therefore robbing me of my much needed high cpu frequency.

Yes, happens a lot when a laptop's cooling system can't cope with the fastest CPUs and GPUs.

Or maybe laptop ram behaving differently than desktop ram. Or any of many other things I wouldn't know about.

Is anyone else here in my same position? I'd rather do all my work on my desktops but do need an adequate laptop for the road.

It's good that you're considering factors like cooling; some don't, and end up with unsuitable PCs.

For what you've said, I suggest looking into the mobile workstations from the major manufacturers. These machines often give the buyer more choices in configuring them than ordinary laptops.

Here's a place to start looking:

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