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Re: Cognisys Stackshot?

Ellis Vener wrote:

Bill Janes wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

I’m not sure if I need one or merely want one. I have a macro project coming up and I will be doing focus stacking. While my camera has focus shift capabilities.

the project will be in the 1:2 to 4:1 magnification range.


Take a look at Rik Littlefield's post on focusing by ring or rail. For magnifications of less than 1:1 an auto-focusing macro lens with "focus shift" is my preferred method, although determining the number of shots and step size with my Nikon D850 takes some experimentation.

For magnification greater than 1:1 many methods require manual focus and the StackShot is very useful and simple to use in this situation. One can set the near and far focus points, specify the number of shots, and start shooting. Alternatively, one can set the start distance, step size and number of shots. The Zerene site has good depth of field tables that help in determining the step size. Extreme Macro has some good info on high magnification photography.

Thank you Bill!

i want to avoid the out of focus blurred edge when photographing at an oblique angle and the background is textured.

i am working with a Z7 and a D850 so I already am familiar with focus stepping. I am using Helicon Focus stacking software.


With the excellent info Bill pointed to if you decide on focus stacking by camera/lens movement the Stackshot is a great focus rail, WeMacro has a lower cost rail. I have both, the Stackshot is the most versatile of the two, the Wemacro is very capable and a great value. If you use Zerene as focus stacking software, this has a built-in interface with Stackshot which is the best available IMO.

I've used the D500, D800, D800E, D850 and soon the Z7 on both rails, make sure you get the proper camera trigger cable interface.

Eventually I moved to custom rails, and now developed custom controllers which go beyond the capabilities of commercial available stacking systems. These support automated Stack and Stitch work at high magnifications (mostly do silicon chip images). You can see some of the developments here.

BTW you won't be able to use flash or strobes with the D850 or Z7 under fully electronic shutter modes, the Hot Shoe is blocked during these modes. A work around has been developed with the custom controllers mentioned above.


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