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Ah, thanks for the explanation.

I'm surprised that anyone would object to "pixel peeping" for the purposes of examining image quality. How can you sharpen without 1:1 viewing, for example?

The negativity around pixel peeping should really be confined to something else: people who forget that function of some images is often to be viewed as a whole, as a complete composition, not explored at pixel level. For such images, where the content carries the image, the minutiae of technical quality is often not relevant. However, sometimes, some people seem to focus exclusively on the pixel level stuff when judging the value of an image.

The thing to remember, in my view, is the intended application of the picture and whether the image quality is sufficient for that application. I've often said that if the image quality of a print from a particular file doesn't stand up to close scrutiny, print it smaller until it looks ok. I like Imaging Resource's print quality evaluations, where they give a maximum print size at different ISOs to illustrate the difference between the maximum possible quality and the practical quality. I guess something similar applies to screen viewing - if it isn't good enough but the picture is worth viewing, downsize until it works. Zooming out, rather than in may not help you refine an image but it certainly covers up many pixel level sins.

Many bun fights online seem to derive from people trying to prove camera X is ultimately superior to camera Y (and camera Y is therefore only fit for landfill) rather than being pragmatic and realising that many cameras are far from the state of the art but continue to perfectly useful devices as long as you don't stretch beyond their capabilities.

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